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Soleta Products is a Minnesota manufacturing company providing innovative products for the construction and drywall industries. The company was founded by a construction contractor, who is dedicated to developing and providing new products for professional contractors in construction, home repair and remodeling. Soleta Products prides itself as the innovator of the Texture Terminator™, a professional ceiling texture removal system.  


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Professional Ceiling Texture Removal System

The Texture Terminator can pay for itself with your very first ceiling texture removal project. Your drywall tool to an efficient and clean job.

Removes the old texture at a faster rate than the hand held blades typically used. The blade design drops the debris into the bucket, decreasing your cleanup time at the end of the process.

This contractor grade product is engineered to be durable and easy to use. Extra care was taken in selection of container and quick release handle to ensure a quality product that will hold up time and time again.  Learn More

Texture Terminator